Ray Ropp joined the family dairy with his father and brother in 1967, after returning home from the Army. That same year, they built a 96 stanchion barn with a parlor that could accommodate milking 12 cows at one time. In 1983, Ray bought his father's and brother's share of the business. In 2000, Ray's son, Ken, joined his father, representing the 7th generation farmer.

Since opening, Ropp Jersey Cheese has been committed to maintaining the integrity of the local landscape. Their operations continue to seek ways to make the most of their resources with the greatest respect, minimal waste, and the highest quality product.

Visit Us

We welcome visitors! Have a walk around and see first hand where your products come from. Our cheese manufacturing plant has a visitor viewing area, where you will see our cheesemakers hard at work. Take a stroll through the cow barn and visit some happy residents! Then be sure to shop at our retail store where we offer a wide variety of farm-to-fork products. All of our cheeses are available for purchase here, along with fresh cheese curds, beef, pork, chicken, natural jarred goods, hand dipped ice cream, candy, and local raw honey!


At Ropp Jersey Cheese, we believe farm-to-fork is best for the environment and the consumer. As a family owned, seventh generation farm, we strive for excellence in both our process and our product. It is important for all consumers to know the origin of the food they eat, and that is reflected in our pork, beef, poultry and artisan cheeses.

Ropp's high quality cheeses are carefully crafted on-site by our own accomplished cheese makers. The secret ingredient is our farm fresh milk from our registered Jersey dairy cattle. Jersey milk contains 18% more protein, 20% more calcium, and 25% more butterfat than average. It also provides the most nutrition per ounce, including higher levels of Vitamins A, B1 and B2. This superior milk yields a wonderfully creamy product that is wholesome and 100% naturally delicious!