Bloomington - Normal

    Look for us in your local grocery stores: Bloomington Meats, College Hills Meats, HyVee, Green Top Grocery, Common Ground, Schnuck's, Jackson's Produce and more. You can also find us on your menu at some of your favorite hot spots: Destihl Restaurant, Destihl Brewery, Friar Tuck, Fort Jesse Cafe, Sunset Lake Vineyard, Braize, Great Harvest, Cheese and Crackers, Rader's Family Farm and don't forget to visit our retail store here on Ropp Road!

    Champaign - Urbana

    You'll see Ropp Cheese products in Schnuck's Deli, Cheese and Crackers, Common Ground, Dutch Valley Meats, IGA's all over the area and Friar Tuck in Savoy as well. You'll spot us at Curtis Orchard, Champaign and Urbana Country Clubs, Sleepy Creek Winery and Strawberry Fields.

    Also don't forget we frequent the restaurant scene too! Destihl Champaign, Seven Saints and Watson's Shack and Rail.


    HyVee has a wide variety of Ropp Cheese in the Deli, also find us in Schnuck's, Friar Tuck, Country Market, Food Fantasies, Hill Prairie Winery in Oakford and also find our cheese curds on the menu at Engrained Brewery!


    You guessed it, HyVee Deli is also sporting our products here! Also look for us in Schnuck's, Friar Tuck, Pottstown Meat and Deli, Raber Packing Co. and Peoria Country Club.

    We Ship!

    If you are too far away to have access to your favorite cheeses, we offer a 2-day UPS shipping service. Call us and place your order today!